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  Oct 27, 2001

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No new angles in Kurt's WWF book
It's True! It's True!
By Kurt Angle
Harper Collins
$39.50 Cdn
ISBN: 0060393270
By MIKE JENKINSON -- Edmonton Sun

 In the wacky world of professional wrestling, Kurt Angle is an anomaly. He's soft-spoken. He doesn't have an ego. And he's a real wrestler, having won the gold medal at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

 How an immensely popular all-American boy, who scoffed at a lucrative contract from the World Wrestling Federation immediately after striking gold, later came to be one of the top "heel" (or bad guy) stars in the WWF is the focus of It's True! It's True!

 Angle's book is the latest instalment in the WWF's growing series of autobiographical books, which has featured two very good books from Mick Foley, and two very bad books from the Rock and Chyna.

 Angle's is smack dab in the middle. It's an interesting read for a wrestling fan, but other than that, only amateur wrestling buffs would also be interested in picking it up.

Review by Perry Lefko
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