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   April 19, 2015

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Getting sweaty and sculpted with Trish at home
By CALEB SMITH - SLAM! Wrestling
Stratusphere Sculpt is Trish Stratus' third fitness DVD offering and, as always, she aims to please. The seven-time WWE Women's Champion has put together a challenging fitness circuit that is sure to make you sweat.

French Mad Dog Vachon bio doesn't shy away from his shortcomings
By MIKE WYMAN - For SLAM! Wrestling
It's more than a bit of an understatement to declare that Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon was big in Quebec. He wasn't just a big name in wrestling in the province; he was a major show-business personality. Vachon was Johnny Carson big but it didn't happen overnight, nor was his path an easy one.

New HBK bio requires leap of faith
By BOB KAPUR - SLAM! Wrestling
In wrestling, people "turn" all the time, from good guy to bad guy and vice versa. Shawn Michaels' new autobiography is the story of The Heartbreak Kid's real-life turn, where, as a born-again Christian, he exorcised his personal demons and found a new life of salvation, hope, and happiness.

Book on Nat Pendleton brings Olympian and actor to life
By GREG OLIVER - Producer, SLAM! Wrestling
If he were around today, Nat Pendleton's tale would have been told again and again—amateur wrestling star, represents his country at the Olympics, turns professional, then becomes a major player in Hollywood. But because his story begins in the 1920s, few today know of his fascinating story. Fortunately, wrestling historian Mike Chapman is there to help keep his legacy alive.
Pendleton biographer Chapman happily grappling with the past

The Road Is Jericho a DVD worth traveling
Chris Jericho has a special place in the hearts and minds of wrestling fans and journalists. He is a dream to interview, has had more amazing matches than you can count, is a natural storyteller, and his books are great fun. So it should come as no surprise that the WWE's latest DVD release, The Road is Jericho: Epic Stories & Rare Matches From Y2J, continues the trend of most things Jericho-related being something special.

Raw-Smackdown DVD a good reminder WWE can be great
By CALEB SMITH - SLAM! Wrestling
When the WWE's retrospective of the last year's best televised matches, The Best of Raw/Smackdown 2014, arrived at my home, I was not looking forward to watching the three-disk set. One evening I decided to pop in the first DVD and prepared for the worst, and to my surprise I found out that I was very wrong.

RVD's memories of ECW in 1999 make for a great DVD
As the original ECW was about to embark on the last two years of its glorious run, Rob Van Dam was a key player, and therefore is able to offer some tremendous insight on the recently-released DVD from Kayfabe Commentaries -- Timeline the History of ECW 1999. It's is one of the better releases from the series, and delves deep into the last days of ECW.

Latest yoga DVD from Trish with Joe Carter not quite a home run
By CALEB SMITH - SLAM! Wrestling
Toronto Blue Jays baseball legend, and two time World Series champion, Joe Carter has met his match. That match is seven time WWE women’s champion Trish Stratus. For her second yoga DVD, Stratus has teamed up with Carter to deliver Stratusphere Yoga for Men.

Take Short Bus Hero for a ride
By GREG OLIVER - Producer, SLAM! Wrestling
It's always interesting how books come to one's attention. One of my freelance gigs is reviewing sports books for Publishers Weekly, and it was through the titles up for grabs that I came across Short Bus Hero. There's no denying it's a catchy title, so, intrigued, I looked it up. The unexpected tie-in to professional wrestling made it a given to do something here at the site. I'm glad I did.
Wrestling and Down Syndrome come together in 'weird' Short Bus Hero

Book proves Kamala still king of the jungle
"They just keep taking pieces of me, bit by bit, a little piece at a time." This has been a truthful analogy throughout James Harris's life. Mistreatment during his career, attempting to chip away his dignity or his literal amputation. He was born to poor, humble beginnings in the deep south of Jim Crow America. Racism was prevalent. "Yes, Sir -- No, Sir" was the vernacular of every black resident. Young or old, when addressing a white man, you best bow your head. Not too long ago, that was customary and acceptable in that part of the world. Humility was not gracefully insisted, but rather aggressively demanded. Through it all, he's is devoid of hate or resentment. James was (and is) a humble, affable man.

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