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   October 01, 2014

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Sting's WWE DVD full of holes
By JOHN POWELL - SLAM! Wrestling
Although the term is thrown around so much it has almost lost its true meaning, Steve Borden is a true living legend in the wrestling industry. Growing up in Canada with limited access to regular WCW broadcasts and live events until the 1990s, I never fully appreciated the popularity of Sting until WCW brought their show to the outdoor CNE Coliseum in 1990. On that card, Sting fought Vader in the main event and it was a memorable event for any fan in attendance with Sting at his best not only in the ring but outside of it, as he whipped the crowd into a frenzy with all of his trademarked moves and his rock star-like persona.

WCW DVD designed to make you go 'Oh my God!'
The WWE’s DVD and Blu-ray, OMG: The Top 50 Incidents in WCW History was released in stores August 12, and looks back at some classic moments in wrestling history. The three-disc set is the sequel to the OMG: Top 50 moments in WWE History, which the company released in 2011, and for wrestling fans, it may bring back some fond, and perhaps some not-so-fond memories of the legendary promotion. SLAM! Wrestling exhaustively breaks down the DVD version of this set, piece by piece…

History of Detroit wrestling DVD lacks direction
By JOE BASTA and FRANK PACE - For SLAM! Wrestling
What a great way to spend a rainy Saturday night; invite a few friends over, crack a few cold ones and relive our youth by viewing the latest wrestling documentary, Battles, Bouts and Brawls - The History of Wrestling in Detroit. Both of us started watching the great talent and attending the various promotions that have made Detroit one of the greatest wrestling cities on the face of the planet since the late 1950s. All our wrestling memories jam-packed into a 90-minute film. Well, so we thought. Here are our thoughts as we discussed and debated the piece.

Hitman Hart DVD flashes back to WWF of 1992
By CALEB SMITH - SLAM! Wrestling
The latest offering from Kayfabe Commentaries, The History of the WWE – 1992 – As Told By Bret Hart, is an interesting tale that provides nuggets of information that the casual fan would find very interesting. Host Sean Oliver leads Bret Hart through one of his most important years in professional wrestling which saw “The Hitman” win not only the Intercontinental title, but the biggest prize of them all, the World championship.

Papercutz’s WWE SLAM City comic perfect for kids
At the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, Papercutz and WWE announced a partnership to produce a line of comic books based on various wrestlers, legends, and personalities. While the WWE Superstars series garnered much of the attention due to the fact that WWE Legend Mick Foley would be co-writing it, Papercutz also launched the WWE Slam City series based on the animated shorts of the same name that have been airing since March of this year on the WWE Network and YouTube.

WWE SuperCard an addictive new game
By JOHN POWELL - SLAM! Wrestling
What's better than ... Gotta catch 'em all? How about ... Gotta pin 'em all? The WWE's latest foray into gaming is giving Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon a run for their money. In an unexpected turn, the WWE, through publisher 2K Games and developer Cat Daddy Games, has branched out into digital collectible card games with WWE Supercard.

Masked or not, Grappler's book tough to beat
By GREG OLIVER - Producer, SLAM! Wrestling
What sets The Grappler's autobiography (and life) apart from so many of his peers is really what he didn't do: he didn't have a run in a national company, he didn't have a life full of tragedy, he didn't battle with drugs and alcohol, or leave a trail of broken hearts and fatherless children across the continent. All he did was wrestle and wrestle well. It's refreshing, to be honest, as is his refreshing honesty.

Heyman DVD masterful, documentary WWE's best ever
I am a Paul Heyman guy. I was a Paul Heyman guy long before I ever realized that I was a Paul Heyman guy. When I was 14 years old, I used to sneak down to the basement in our family's modest home where we had a VCR, and an old RCA box television. There, I would put in the most recent episode of ECW Hardcore TV that I had acquired from whatever Apter magazine I had borrowed from our local library that week, and sit memorized by the gritty, raw and "extreme" characters I was watching.

ECW final days shoot falls slightly short of Justin Credible
The latest in the Timeline: The History of ECW series from Kayfabe Commentaries takes a look at the year 2000 through the eyes of Justin Credible. Credible, born PJ Polaco, was about to hit his peak in the promotion, as 2000 would mark his sole reign with the ECW World Heavyweight Championship.

Book by Texas ref James Beard impartially entertaining
By GREG OLIVER - Producer, SLAM! Wrestling
The wrestling referee has a different perspective on what happens in the ring than anyone else. When he does his job right, the storyline being told by the wrestlers moves along and is enhanced; when he errs, everything can go off the rails. Fortunately, veteran ref James Beard writes like the great referee he was, and his memoir offers fascinating insight into the business and the many characters in it.

Jul 15 ... Great American Bash DVD brings back so many great memories

Jul 13 ... DVD focuses on Troy Martin more than Shane Douglas

Jul 8 ... New Topps Chrome set aimed at higher-end collectors

Jun 16 ... Historical WWE 50 book honest and rereadable

Jun 11 ... Bruce Prichard speaks out on Bret Hart on new DVD

May 27 ... WWE Factions DVD a team effort

May 21 ... Piper's take on 1984 rambling and entertaining

May 17 ... "I Ain't No Pig Farmer!" offers a rare promoter's perspective

May 16 ... Cabana's second Road Diaries DVD another great trip

May 1 ... WWE's Signature Sounds DVD music to a fan's ear

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