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   September 19, 2014

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News and Rumours
The Food Poisoning Fiasco of 2007
By PORTIA PEREZ -- SLAM! Wrestling
Originally, I told myself I wouldnít write about this particular "Trip from Hell". Itís gross, for starters, and I questioned how much it really had to do with wrestling, as I never made it to a show during the entire duration of the story. I have decided, however, that I canít possibly recount my Trips from Hell without telling this story, so, without going in to too many gory details, this is the story of the Food Poisoning Fiasco of 2007.

Wrestling Trips From Hell: Part 2
By PORTIA PEREZ -- SLAM! Wrestling
I have written and rewritten this column a few times, and have yet to come up with a version that Iíve been happy with. Iíve been thinking back to the potential "Trips from Hell" Iíve been on over the past five years, but I have come to a few realizations. First of all, my memory pretty much sucks, as recounting specifics related to trips that happened more than two years ago was more or less a bust. And second, a lot of the stories Iíd considered using in the column, for one reason or another, havenít quite worked out.

Wrestling Trips From Hell: Part 1
By PORTIA PEREZ -- SLAM! Wrestling
Since rolling out of bed at the bright-and-early hour of 9:00 a.m. this morning, Iíve been watching the better part of 20 centimeters of snow come down in blizzard form. As I ventured outside with my dogs earlier, I couldnít help but think, "Man, Iím glad I donít have to drive in this crap." It got me to reminiscing though, about the many times I have had to drive in similar conditions to get to shows, and has inspired this column -- Wrestling Trips From Hell.

A salute to a supportive mom
By PORTIA PEREZ -- SLAM! Wrestling
Iíve been sitting down at my computer for well over an hour, watching Captain Planet videos and trying to think of a topic for this column. People have suggested looking back on 2008, or looking forward to 2009, or trying to find some connection between wrestling and Christmas. Then, my golden retriever, the genius of the family, walked in to the room carrying a card still in its envelope -- a card for my mother, whose birthday is Tuesday. And if I can pull myself away from the Planeteers long enough to finish this column, hopefully it will be completed for her birthday.

Fear of birthdays
By PORTIA PEREZ -- SLAM! Wrestling
I'm only now getting to the last column on my five-day Ultimate Championship Wrestling tour in July. The previous column, headlined "Sometimes thing just donít go right" is very ironic, given my recent situation.

Sometimes things just don't go right
By PORTIA PEREZ -- SLAM! Wrestling
My alarm sounded at 9 a.m. on Thursday morning, and the bloody events that went down the night before seemed like a distant memory amid the busy list of events on my schedule for that day.

A bloody first show in Nova Scotia
By PORTIA PEREZ -- SLAM! Wrestling
The chance to wrestle within Canada is always something I look forward to. It gives me the chance to see more of my country, see wrestlers I don't often get to see, and wrestle opponents I rarely or never get to wrestle. So naturally, when I was contacted to take part in Ultimate Championship Wrestling's five-day Maritime tour -- the first shows of the new company -- I jumped at the chance to return to Atlantic Canada.

Fun times in Florida
By PORTIA PEREZ -- SLAM! Wrestling
After my whirlwind two-day trip that took me from New York to Texas and back, I had a welcome day off, which I spent in Syracuse visiting with some friends from Squared Circle Wrestling (2CW) and seeing the new Indiana Jones movie, which had just come out that weekend.

Cutting it close getting from NY to Texas
By PORTIA PEREZ -- SLAM! Wrestling
I had only been home from Labrador for a few days when it was time to take off again. I was set to be away on a fairly short trip, only about ten days, and was especially excited for the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame show in Amsterdam, New York -- my first show of the trip.

The rough road of delivering wrestling to Labrador
By PORTIA PEREZ -- SLAM! Wrestling
My inaugural tour in eastern Canada began normally enough, but things got a little hairy as we went north into Labrador with the Mainstream Wrestling crew.

Apr 25 ... It's a thrill to finally tour Canada










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