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   March 29, 2015

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Countdown to WWE Hell in a Cell
By JON WALDMAN -- SLAM! Wrestling

WWE should be wrapping up a few of its storylines tonight at Hell in a Cell, but it's never a guarantee with the Fed.

Still, there is some hope that two of the longer-running arcs - the WWE Heavyweight Championship limbo and Heyman vs. Punk - will finally reach their crescendo tonight.

Let's start with the title picture, which sees Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton square off in the cell with Shawn Michaels as ref. When I say this story comes to an end tonight, I do so with a caveat that it is Bryan vs. Orton that wraps up, not that the two won't still be involved in the bigger picture of The Authority vs. Bryan Likely, Bryan will continue to have his issues with Triple H while Orton spins off with Big Show.

The x-factor tonight is Michaels, who many are speculating could go either way - either he gives Bryan the pin and kicks off a battle with Hunter that culminates in a 'Mania match, as has long been rumoured, or he turns on his former student and joins up with The Authority. The notion of Bryan vs. HBK is enticing but Michaels likely only has one or two matches in him and as I alluded to, there have long been rumours that HBK vs. HHH would be the end point at WM XXX.

As for Punk vs. Heyman, this cow has been milked well beyond the point of reason. The recent upstart of Big E Langston almost feels like he'll cycle into the story while Punk goes off to potentially enter into The Authority arc. Look at it like this - Punk is dominating the match when Curtis Axel pops up from under the ring making it a 3 on 1. Langston runs down to ringside and rips the cage door off - a great feat of strength - and saves his buddy Punk. Either way, CM goes over tonight and finally gets the GTS moment with Heyman.

On the World Title side, John Cena returns tonight vs. Alberto Del Rio. This one's fairly easy to predict in the sense that there's no way Cena is losing to Del Rio. The only question is whether this is Cena's only action of the night. Let's remember the arm factor and that Damien Sandow has the briefcase. I could see Del Rio attacking Cena after the match with the Cross Armbreaker and after being dragged away by officials, Sandow runs down to cash in successfully.

Elsehwere, expect AJ Lee to retain tonight over Brie Bella, The Rhodes Bros. to keep their belts and Los Matadores to upend the Real Americans.

Enjoy the action tonight!