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   January 28, 2015

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News and Rumours
The fulfilling feeling behind Miracle on Main Street
By TIGER ALI SINGH - For SLAM! Wrestling
This Monday is the sixth Miracle on Main Street in my hometown of Milton, Ontario, and what a ride it's been. It's funny how, through the years, the wrestling accomplishments of my famed father Tiger Jeet Singh, and my own career, have dimmed, the memories fading. Yet we are more fulfilled and happy than we were during our time in the squared circle.

Readers speak: How to fix the WWE
By SLAM! Wrestling Readers
Last week, in his Mat Matters column, John Powell shared his thoughts on how the current WWE product could be improved. We also asked you, the SLAM! Wrestling Readers, to send in your comments as well. There are some interesting ideas via email and our Facebook page, so read on!

Tales from the NWA President: Our first trip to Japan
By BRUCE THARPE - For SLAM! Wrestling
We were apprehensive on that first trip to Japan. Even though we had met with New Japan Pro Wrestling officials in Dallas and New York City to discuss details of the first NWA World Heavyweight Title defense in New Japan Pro Wrestling in many years, the feeling of apprehension was still there. We were very new at the helm of the National Wrestling Alliance and holding the position of President still seemed a bit strange. Would there be a double-cross for the belt? An in-ring shoot? We had to be ready for anything. Especially in a foreign country.

Ox Baker: 45 years of memories
When one of the heroes of our wrestling youth passes away, time seems to stand still for a few brief moments as we reflect upon the memories they instilled in us over the years. They say, time waits for no one, but as I try to recall all my wonderful episodes involving Ox Baker, father time is going to have to take a break for a few minutes, or take a fatal heart punch, as I relive these memories of the past 45 years.

The rib that shrunk Johnny Canuck
By "DIRTY" DAN DENTON - For SLAM! Wrestling
It is at the point where I hate getting phone calls from Canada early in the morning. That is because it can only mean one thing and that is exactly how today started for me. I actually had two calls and I knew it was time to sit down and reflect on my adventures with Johnny Canuck from Vancouver, B.C.
Remembering Johnny Canuck, a Lumberjack and a Loverboy

Guest column: Living the dream along with Michael Elgin
By SEAN "DR. MASK" MURLEY - For SLAM! Wrestling
The first time I ever saw Michael Elgin was at an indy show at Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario. He did not have an opponent or a match that afternoon; he was sitting in front of my son and I on the day we were both introduced to independent wrestling. He had a broken arm and was wearing a pink shirt.

Father's Day Guest Column: Is the love of wrestling genetic?
I'm going to start this article with a statement some may find controversial -- I let my then two-year-old son watch wrestling, and play with wrestlers. The first question this may pose to many is likely, "Is that a good idea?" and the other question is probably, "Is that responsible parenting?" This comes down to a matter of opinion for me, and is something I'd like to explore.

Saying thanks to "Wildman" Gary Williams
By JASON MOSHER - For SLAM! Wrestling
Friday night at the historic Forum arena, Halifax will give "Wildman" Gary Williams one final standing ovation as he bids farewell to his in-ring wrestling career.

My Mom is still my hero
By BAMBI HALL - For SLAM! Wrestling
I love hearing stories from when I was a kid at wrestling shows. I remember when I was about eight years old, we had stopped by a training school in VanCity. Obviously I was not going to pass up the opportunity to play in the ring! So I went in and at one point got up on the ropes, when I heard my Mom -- wrestler Raven Lake -- say, "Oh no, I can see the future now." Little did we know what the future held. Here we are a few years later, and I'm wrestling regularly, and she has just retired.

Why grown men can't resist Wrestlemania
By JOHN LAW - Niagara Falls Review
It hits at the same time every spring. The fretting. The stressing. Can I afford it this time? Will something bad happen if I just skip it? No, not taxes. Wrestlemania.

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