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   January 31, 2015

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Aksana at WWE Fan Axxess in April 2013. Photo by Mike Mastrandrea

Zivile Raudoniene is Aksana in WWE. Born in Lithuania, she was a well-known fitness model and bodybuilder. The fitness aspect has been a big part of year life for years, and, at age 17, she participated in the 1999 IFBB European Fitness Championships.

Ten years later, in 2009, she won the 2009 IFBB Arnold Classic Contest.

In October of that year, WWE signed her to a developmental deal, and Raudoniene reported to Florida for pro wrestling training.

While in Florida Championship Wrestling, she was aligned with Eli Cottonwood initially as a valet / love interest. In January 2010, her in-ring debut was made, but the valet work and bikini contests still went on.

The third season of NXT was an all-women's show, and Aksana was a part of that, coached by Goldust. That led to a storyline whereby Goldust proposed to Aksana, allowing her to stay in the United States. That led to a series of battles with Goldust and Aksana against Ted DiBiase Jr. and Maryse, and eventually Aksana revealing that she never loved Goldust, and only used him for the citizenship papers.

In August 2011, Aksana started turning up on SmackDown, and debuted in the ring during a Divas Halloween Costume battle royal. She flirted and dated Teddy Long during the storyline, naturally turning on him. Eventually, her role would morph into a second to Antonio Cesaro, who spouted anti-American/pro-European rhetoric.

By mid-2012, she was wrestling more matches.


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