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   March 30, 2015

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Canadian fans score WWE Network with Apple TV
By JOHN POWELL - SLAM! Wrestling

No need to fret Canadian wrestling fans. You too can subscribe and watch the WWE Network with a little help from Apple.

If you have purchased and own Apple TV, you can sign up and have access to the WWE Network in Canada without jumping through any tech hurdles, like subscribing to and using a VPN service. (WWE assures that the WWE Network will be available in countries other than the U.S. later this year.)

For those who donít know, Apple TV is a digital media player, network appliance that you connect to your HDTV. The Apple TV device will cost you $99.00 in Canada.

Apple TV allows you to stream content to your HDTV from your iPhone and iPads, as well directly access content such as NetFlix, the iTunes Store, MLB.TV, YouTube and other subscription, non-subscription providers through the device. As of today, one of those providers is the WWE Network.

By using and subscribing through the Apple TV provider menu, which uses your regular Canadian iTunes account, you can subscribe and have full access to the WWE Network.

To make doubly sure the Network can play on your iPad or iPhone afterwards using the WWE app, you might want to do this bit of hustling, just in case.

1. Go to the official WWE site and create an account for yourself.

2. After that is completed, load up the WWE Network on Apple TV, go to the Settings tab and follow the instructions to link your WWE account to your Apple TV.

3. Download the WWE app on your iPhone and iPad then sign onto your WWE account.

4. Click and watch to your heartís content.

A six-month subscription which includes access to past and monthly WWE pay-per-views, shows and original programming will cost Apple TV owners $60, which is about the same price the WWE's On-Demand service cost in Canada through cable providers. If you don't wish the service to auto-bill you in six months time, you can manage your subscription through your iTunes account and turn that functionality, option off.