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   March 31, 2015

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John Cena: 'I pooped myself in the ring'

John Cena makes his return from elbow surgery for the WWE Live tour in Dublin, Ireland on Friday, Nov. 8, 2013. (

Wrestler-turned-movie action man John Cena has sensationally revealed he once "pooped" himself during a fight.

Cena was chatting to his lady love, fellow wrestler Nikki Bella, for an upcoming episode of U.S. reality show Total Divas, when he opened up about his most embarrassing moment in the ring.

The current World Heavyweight Champion came clean after Bella poked fun at another female fighter, who accidentally wet herself during a wrestling match, stating, "I pooped myself once... It was in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, I had food poisoning and I still went out to wrestle. Everybody knew -- I was embarrassed."

His stunned girlfriend was initially left speechless by his confession. She then added, "I don't know what to think right now... That would be so embarrassing!"


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