Should women hockey players apologize for smoking and drinking on ice?
Fri, February 26, 2010


VANCOUVER -- Hockey Canada apologized Thursday for a boozy impromptu party the Olympic women's hockey team threw for itself on the Canada Hockey Place ice after winning the gold medal.

Canadian players, still wearing their uniforms and with gold medals draped around their necks, celebrated their victory by drinking champagne and beer at centre ice following a 2-0 win over the United States.

The International Olympic Committee said it will investigate the celebration, which included drinking by one of Canada's underage players.

In a statement released late Thursday, Hockey Canada apologized.

Do you think it was necessary for Hockey Canada to apologize for the players? Have your say in our forum.

IOC chides golden girls


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No need to apologize, they deserve to celebrate. Absolutely rediculous for IOC to make such a big deal out of it. Go celebrate girls!
Robert, 2010-02-26 20:03:52

Little bit of a double standard here. A man can chug a beer on live television and women cant smoke and drink in what was understood to be out of the public view? Party on ladies!
kyle, 2010-02-26 19:46:25

Absolutely NOT. The only people who need to apologize are the idiots who let the photographers into the rink AFTER EVERYONE HAD LEFT. These women worked their butts off for years to get where they got, and they deserve to celebrate.

When the "holier than thou" fools have put in a decade in pursuit of an athletic goal, they are welcome to comment. Until then, they can go home and stay quiet.
Rob, 2010-02-26 19:44:15

Good on them for the win, but the pride and joy goes right out the window with this disappointing move. Its shameful and disrespectful for the women to do this. You dont disgrace the field of sport, you dont showboat and rub things in the face of the other competitors. This is just like walking on the graves of all the other competitors. Extremely disappointing, knowing that the girls knew better then to do something so disrespectful to all the other competitors and to the ground that the sport it played. No other athlete would dare disrespect the ground that they just won on. Its tasteless and classless. Its okay to celebrate but keep it in lockeer room and out at the night club/dinner later. This is the definition of poor sportsmanship and what makes it worse that it came from Canadian women
mike, 2010-02-26 19:36:36

No, the girls should not apologize. They did say however, sorry if they offended anyone which should suffice. There was nothing wrong with what they did as the place was apparently empty.

It is my guess just a gut guess that a U.S. player was still in the arena and cried to a reporter whoi just had to turn the whole thing into a booze fest. I don't know of one athlete professional or otherwise who hasn't gone back onto the winning surface and took in the moment with a cold one or champagne in their hands.

These girls have nothing to hqang their heads about, they did Canada proud so why would anyone want to tarnish what they have done by calling it a booze fest. I don't recall anyone stating they were drunk and out of control except for the reporter who had to overplay it by stating girls gone wild!!!!!

Girls gone wild sounds like a redneck porn show. The woman did us proud and that is all the people of Canda should remember....nextr time ladies have one for me!!

Thank you for upholding our values and traditions as successful Canadian athletes

CELEBRATE girls but oh no don't do it where noone is suppose to see you.....GO to a real public forum and slam down a jug like our very own Jon Montgomery did. By the way Jon congrats and thank you for celebrating your victory!!!!
Greg Bradshaw, 2010-02-26 19:31:25

Should they apologize? Not in a million years.
Jon, 2010-02-26 19:25:43

I really can't believe we are wasting time on this. Again what this boils down too is that people love getting into other people's business. We as a society have become so enthralled with what other people do, and feel the need to tell other people how to live.

The fun police in our society have sucked the live out of our personal freedoms, we have become critical of what other people do, and how they are supposed to act.

We have come to accept that anyone with a camera can impose themselves on others by taking pictures and if your a person of public interest, watch out because you know that the newspapers (so called) will pick it up and put in negative captions like should the girls apologize?

Then before you know it the do gooders (more appropriately the we are better than anyone else section and have the right to be appalled by anything make insane comments like, the girls should be ashamed of themselves) get on their morale high horse and spout jingolistic claptrap about how sad society is.

Look, it's like anything else out there; a small segment of our population would like to eliminate every so called vice out there, alcohol, smokes, transfats, salt etc, and feel they have the moral authority to do so. What this actually is the removal of our personal rights and freedoms.

Girls if it was me I would have told these idiots to go jump in the ocean, and swim to China where that society has removed fun in everything. They will be happier there.

I hope the girls went out last night and got royally ripped, they deserve one night of fun before they have to back to work like the rest of us do.

I am proud of the way you have handled yourself, and you have nothing...nothing to apologize for.

For those critical of these fine atheletes, I know it's 25 years past 1984, but keep it up, maybe someday your dream of a completely ruled upon society will come true. If you are critical of these girls for a reasonably small transgression, don't give up hope, you are getting closer to stomping out happiness everywhere.

To the majority of people here who are rational and agreed about this being nothing, good for you, keep the faith, be alert to your rights being removed, and continue to speak out against those who wish to impose their will on everyone.

No guys go and win the next two games, and bring the 24 onto the ice as the medals are presented, show solidarity with your female compatriates
Tom, 2010-02-26 19:18:52

Tobacco products. WTF were you thinking?
Larrie, 2010-02-26 19:16:28

Shame on the reporter for telling this story, it's not even news worthy. Girls, you did no wrong, have fun and thanks for making us proud to be Canadian!!!!!
g m, 2010-02-26 19:16:26

My favourite comments are the ones that just say no; because unlike me apparently, these people aren't interested in listening to there own voice, so to speak.

No is the answer and I really think that the investigation has delayed any chance of it disappearing days after and attempts to distract from the women's accomplishment. As for the underager...well she deserved the drink and cigar just as much if not more, after scoring the only 2 goals of the game.
Mike, 2010-02-26 19:15:13

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