Should women hockey players apologize for smoking and drinking on ice?
Fri, February 26, 2010


VANCOUVER -- Hockey Canada apologized Thursday for a boozy impromptu party the Olympic women's hockey team threw for itself on the Canada Hockey Place ice after winning the gold medal.

Canadian players, still wearing their uniforms and with gold medals draped around their necks, celebrated their victory by drinking champagne and beer at centre ice following a 2-0 win over the United States.

The International Olympic Committee said it will investigate the celebration, which included drinking by one of Canada's underage players.

In a statement released late Thursday, Hockey Canada apologized.

Do you think it was necessary for Hockey Canada to apologize for the players? Have your say in our forum.

IOC chides golden girls


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Guess they have never seen anyone win any major event.

I can't think of one that doesn't show alcohol imbibed.

NASCAR has it on the podium in front of everyone!

MLB the dressing room is hosed down!

NBA they bring booze and guns...

NHL fill up the cup and drink from it.

In Curling The winner buys the first round.

Tennis stars do it.

Golfers go to the 19th hole.

And on and on and on.
Trev, 2010-02-26 12:18:54

I not sure it was the wisest choice to be made. The reporter was going after a garbage story and should have left it alone. It would be a whole different story if they started this while the crowds were still in the building.

With that said apologize quickly so this non story does not become the story. While there are some hills to die on this isn't one of them and it takes away from other worth while stories to be told.

PS For those who excuse behaviour by saying everyone else does it, I trust they hold our politicians to a low standard too.

Robert, 2010-02-26 12:18:32

You people need to find more important things to complain about and worry about then a couple of people enjoying all the hard work they put in.

Grow up.
Donm, 2010-02-26 12:16:50

They should issue an appropriately humble one line "apology" because they really should have kept things in the dressing room. Then they should find the AP photographer that ratted them out and tie him to a net and drill pucks at his head. Just a thought.
Doobsey, 2010-02-26 12:15:45

The celebration was an embarrassment. Total lack of class and an insult to the ice. NHL, NBA, MLB, and NFL treat there playing field and oppenents better. CELEBRATE!!! But do it with class.
D. Powell, 2010-02-26 12:15:02

Absolutely!!! These are role models for our young girls! Win with some class! Showing young girls that under-age drinking and smoking cigars is cool is wrong. These are not Olympic morals. If they want to do this, do it behind close doors. This is not the Canadian way! Shame on you Women's Hockey team.
Jason, 2010-02-26 12:13:49

Apologize for celebrating a well deserved win?? WTF...IOC get off your high horse and let them enjoy the moment...GO CANADA GO !!!
Anthony, 2010-02-26 12:13:33

NEWS FLASH "A Canadian had a beer". I was under the impression these types of stories only got reported on slow news days?

No appology neccessary!!!

Alan Rhoades, 2010-02-26 12:13:00

..and NO you shouldn't NEED to nor SHOULD you apologize..Cheers!
John M, 2010-02-26 12:12:18

Give me a break. Tell the IOC and Hockey Canada to take a hike.
BC, 2010-02-26 12:12:08

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