Should women hockey players apologize for smoking and drinking on ice?
Fri, February 26, 2010


VANCOUVER -- Hockey Canada apologized Thursday for a boozy impromptu party the Olympic women's hockey team threw for itself on the Canada Hockey Place ice after winning the gold medal.

Canadian players, still wearing their uniforms and with gold medals draped around their necks, celebrated their victory by drinking champagne and beer at centre ice following a 2-0 win over the United States.

The International Olympic Committee said it will investigate the celebration, which included drinking by one of Canada's underage players.

In a statement released late Thursday, Hockey Canada apologized.

Do you think it was necessary for Hockey Canada to apologize for the players? Have your say in our forum.

IOC chides golden girls


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Who cares? Are we becoming such an uptight culture that this is actually an issue? These girls trained hard and played hard to get to this point and they deserve to let loose in celebration. Why was there no issue with John Montgomery drinking beer on TV as he walked through the crowd in Whistler? IOC, leave the girls alone and let them have their moment!
Vaughn Burt, 2010-02-26 14:49:38

with the wieght and presure being lifted off their shoulders and a gold metal around their necks, I think all of Canada should buy them all a beer or 2. Great game,great win,be canadian and celibrate all of are metal achivments.Bam proud canadian:)
Brian McCabe, 2010-02-26 14:48:09

Ask yourself this if you worked hard at something, and achieved it, work,play whatever. would you celebrate?? I know I would. Or just walk away like nothing happend and forget about it.
Steve g, 2010-02-26 14:43:19

NO APOLOGY REQUIRED. It has already been pointed out the 'Associated Press' where the 1st to report this. I say sour grapes, something like the look on the faces of the US Team. I noticed 'Associated Press' didn't report on this story. American sour grapes all around for sure. The best team won. Suck it up. Signed 2 PROUD CANADIAN'S
Neil & Lois Hyatt, 2010-02-26 14:42:50

NO APOLOGY BY AND MEANS IS NEEDED. I find it funny how not one word was said when John Mongomery celebrated by drinking a beer (while being filmed by the media). In fact if i remeber right he is being hailed as a TRUE CANADIAN. He was wearing a toque, and drinking beer. Maybe the girls should have gone and put their toques on first. But then again they would critized for that too I guess. Another thing, nobody ever says a word when the Stanley Cup winners drink and smoke after a win and there are under agers there (SID THE KID FOR EXAMPLE) AND they are doing it in front live cameras. I guess maybe the girls should have broke out there dolls and anything elese that is so called girly. GIVE ME A BREAK PEOPLE. They won the gold and they won it in style.
chris E, 2010-02-26 14:40:58

Good for them! People are so uptight.
julie, 2010-02-26 14:36:48

Congratulations to our women's team for winning GOLD. No need to apologize. They have dedicated themselves to playing for our country -gave up time with family, trained hard. Let them celebrate and let it go already. Yeah the cigars maybe were over the top but having a beer after winning Gold in the Olympics for our country (and for themselves) is no big story. They play for their country but they also play for themselves and they deserve our congratulations for their hard work.
Pat, 2010-02-26 14:36:27

A message to "Snowman": These women have worked very hard and sacrificed a lot to get where they are. A victory againt the USA is a big deal and worth celebrating. Clearly you haven't engaged yourself in any sports because if you have, you wouldn't be making such ridiculous comments. This gold medal is just as important for Canada as any other. You're simply an uptight right wing nut job! Loser.
Micheal, 2010-02-26 14:35:25

This kind of celebrating should have been done in the dressing room not on the actual playing surface. How many other events did you see the winner celebrating on the actual event location. While I think they deserve to celebrate, and I am extremely proud of their accomplishment I think they could have used more common sense and found a better venue to celebrate. I don't think an appology is necessary, they might want to re-think their post game celebrations.
John, 2010-02-26 14:34:35

Congrats girls... you deserve it! And as far as the party goes... "you're definitely Canadians!" Give 'er.
Demi, 2010-02-26 14:34:32

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