Express your condolences to the Rochette family
Sun, February 21, 2010


The Canadian figure skating team was shocked with the news that the mother of defending world championship silver medallist Joannie Rochette has died.

Joannie Rochette's mother passes away


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My prayers are with you during the most difficult time of your life ... the loss of your mother. Know that your mother is watching over you.
P. Normandeau, 2010-02-21 23:03:22

Deepest condolences to you and your family, Joannie. Stay strong and be proud of what you have done and will continue to do, because your mother would've done the same thing if she was in your position. (Cliche, but true.)

My heart goes out to you. Be brave! We're behind your every step. -in a non stalker way-
Cas, 2010-02-21 22:39:41

Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you at this most difficult time. Know that all Canadians support you to the fullest in whatever your decision is, may God look over you and help you and your family through this difficult time, God Bless you and your family.
ken mayhew, 2010-02-21 22:33:55

So sorry for your loss. May loving memories be in your hearts. God bless you and your family.
P Cappola, 2010-02-21 22:17:32

Joannie, my condolences on the sudden loss of your mother. I think that every Canadian from coast to coast understands your pain, and wish you the best.
M. Bourgeois, 2010-02-21 21:26:01

Miss Rochette

The thoughts of my family are with you in your time of sorrow. I wish you strength and comfort in this time.
D Boer, 2010-02-21 21:20:04

Hang in there will get better. You make your mother proud.
maribeth smith, 2010-02-21 21:17:59

I lost my mother here four years ago, just days shy of her 54th birthday. It sucks and I am sorry.
Patrick Twomey, 2010-02-21 21:09:14

What could we all say that would make a moment like this better? You are a very strong young woman and competing is the best way for you to feel that in yourself. Canada, as a country, and as a people are holding you in our hearts.
L. Welsh, 2010-02-21 21:07:48

Joannie... Whatever happens in these next days, whether or not you choose to compete cannot and will not change the fact that you already are an Olympic champion. We are proud to be your fellow Canadians.

To you and your family... God bless.
The Cunninghams, 2010-02-21 21:03:58

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