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Sun, February 21, 2010


The Canadian figure skating team was shocked with the news that the mother of defending world championship silver medallist Joannie Rochette has died.

Joannie Rochette's mother passes away


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Dear Joannie :

My name is Maggie Hunko. I'm 14 years old and i live in Calgary,Alberta. I'm in grade 7. I'm so sorry of your loss. Everybody are believe that you'll get a Gold Medal for your mother.Everyone are proud of you... Keep going and show what you can do for your mother !!!
Maggie Hunko, 2010-02-25 12:20:42

Dear Ms Rachette, My name is Relen Tang. I'm 12 years old and I live in Calgary country hill.I am in grade 7. I see you on the TV at Olympics, you are really good.
RELEN TANG, 2010-02-25 12:18:48

Dear Joannie: Every woman 50+ watching you skate is as proud of you as they would be if you were their own daughter. I prayed, cried, and cheered as you completed your program. Your mother was with you last night and will be tomorrow night, as well as all your coast-to-coast "adopted" mums. You are a champion already. God bless you.
Linda Hansen, 2010-02-24 22:57:18

Chère Joannie,

Encore une fois, courage, mon amie!


Une passionnée du patinage artistique
Norma, 2010-02-24 22:21:21

Dear Joannie:

33 million hearts stand on guard with thee! You skated like a champion last night - Canada loves our brave heroine Joannie!
Necole Anderson, 2010-02-24 13:10:06

If I could hand out a medal at the winter olympics I would hand one to YOU. What courage, grace and beauty you showed in short skate Tuesday in Vancouver. God Bless you sweetheart. You have my support. Angie. Houston, Texas.
Angie Fore, 2010-02-24 10:01:26

Dear Joannie,

How absolutely beautiful and graceful your performance was on Tuesday in Vancouver. I am so very sorry to hear about your Mother's passing. You were very brave to decide to compete for if I were in your skates, I don't think I would have been able to go on as courageously as you did. This in itself is a direct testament of your Mother's love and courage she has so lovingly bestowed upon you.

You will be in my prayers and thoughts as well as, your family and your teammates.

Love, Khat

P.S. Your Mother would have been so proud of you.
Khat Baker, 2010-02-24 05:50:37


I am amazed at your courage and my heart goes out to you at this time of the loss of your dear Mother. You are to be admired. I know your Mother is still with you, watching over you and she is so proud. I am certainly a proud Canadian and I honour you, Joannie and I hope all the best on your long program. So does your Mom. God Bless.
Jo-Anne Sutherland, 2010-02-24 00:32:03

Condoléances et prières à vous et à votre famille. Mon coeur sait votre douleur, peut subsistance de famille vous fort dans ces périodes tristes.
Tiffany, 2010-02-23 23:49:01

Joannie and family,

We were shocked and so saddened to hear of your mom's passing. I know you were close. Our hearts are with you as you continue your journey and skate for gold. Please accept our sincerest wishes. You are strong in heart and mind and we know that under these very trying circumstances you will make Canada proud. Good luck and please know that Canada is behind you 100%.

Sincerest Sympathies,

Dan & Shirley
Dan & Shirley, 2010-02-23 21:17:55

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