Have Olympic protesters lost credibility after the riot?
Sat, February 13, 2010

QMI Agency

More than 200 violent agitators smashed windows and threw paint on the windows of the HBC superstore downtown Vancouver Saturday morning.

Riot breaks out in Vancouver


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These aren't protesters, these are professional thugs. The never had any credibility to start with. They should be shipped to Iran to see real protesters who are willing to die for their cause. Nothing like the thugs who hide behind masks invloved here.
Pavlou, 2010-02-13 19:24:06

These so-called "protesters" are nothing but lazy activists at best, assuming they actually have a cause to support.

Effective activism is hard work. If you want people to take you seriously, do some.
Jon, 2010-02-13 19:21:00

Without Protest eveyone will be required to wear their hair like Steven harper. Anyone who is against these protesters but are for slaughtering aghans that are defending against our presence is a hypocrite. According to the the thread, this would be about 99% of you indoctrinated pinheads.

Who benefits from the olympics,certainly none of you complaining about the protesters, unless you count lop sided events where developed nations trounce the filler nations a benefit.

Supporting the Olympics is to support tyranny because nothing about it when you examine the facts, makes it good or right.

Bejamin franklin said more elequently than me that those who would trade security for liberty deserve neither, therefore most of you would be better suited living in a country such as Iran, rather than a free nation like Canada, where struggle paid off in liberites before most of you were born.
Tim, 2010-02-13 19:20:50

Ah what the heck... give these protestors a piece of cheese (to go with their whine), a pair of those red mittens as souvenirs and send them home to momma. If they're lucky they'll be sent to their room without supper... if "we're" lucky the cops will throw their cowardly little butts in the pokey for next 2 weeks.
D&J, 2010-02-13 18:45:28

...you mean they HAD credibility in the first place?

Anyone defending a "cause" without having the grapefruits to show their face in public has no credibility.
Ross, 2010-02-13 18:38:39

From what I can see most or even the greater majority of the protesters a either unemployed or on welfare. Now, anyone caught, arrest and convicted of violence in any form should lose the privilege of receiving state funds until all damages to humans, police or property has been paid for. Now let's see them riot..... Either that or let the silent majority go out and kick ass !!!!
Gordon, 2010-02-13 18:35:30

Of course the protesters haven't lost credibility - they never had any to begin with. They're a bunch of selfish, ignorant and childish cowards. If they want to make change, they need to grow up. Otherwise, they're just another form of terrorist.
R in Vic, 2010-02-13 18:27:05

When riots occur that are obviously counter-productive to the cause of the protestors- it just about always turns out that agents provacateur ( often under-cover police) throw the first rocks in order to start the whole thing rolling, to discredit the protestors. Nobody in BC would be surprised if we find out this was the case. Were all the RCMP thugs accounted for when the riot started? I doubt it.
roy ennis, 2010-02-13 18:13:51

Whether I agree with what a group of protesters are saying or not I defend their right to protest.

That said, once a protest turns to violence or damage or any form on infringement on the rights of others the protesters have lost their rights to protest. They just be dumped in jail and not allowed to see the light of day for a significant period of time. Violence against property or other individuals cannot be tolerated and should be plenty of justification to bypass normal due process in removing the offenders from society.

Members of these groups who cause damage to public or private property should also be required to pay the costs directly or have assets seized by the state equivalent to the cost of damage they caused.
Paul, 2010-02-13 18:10:41

The protesters did not have any credibility before the riot, and they have shown themselves to be the terrorists that they really are. There must be a right to peaceful assembly, but I don't think there is any right to assemble for the purposes of riot, vandalism, and destruction. Folks usually need a licence to hold a parade, so why not require these hooligans to obtain a licence for their protest, post an indemnification bond, and when they fail to abide by the conditions of their permit, they could be arrested, forfeit the bond to pay for damages, and be released after the event is over. What a disgusting spectacle to present to the visitors to Canada from over eighty countries.
Bob, 2010-02-13 18:09:46

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