Have Olympic protesters lost credibility after the riot?
Sat, February 13, 2010

QMI Agency

More than 200 violent agitators smashed windows and threw paint on the windows of the HBC superstore downtown Vancouver Saturday morning.

Riot breaks out in Vancouver


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To all who call covering your face in street protest a cowards.

Post your Name, address and phone number here in a gesture of transparency.

Let us all know about who you are, like you think is your right about others. Send us to a site where everyone can examine photos of you doing what it is you do, or where you go in public, or does this not seem reasonable, or maybe even a violation of ones human dignity, and basic human rights ? What in life is transparent, can anyone truly name anything?

Nothing is transparent thus the need for opague Black clad gear on bloc freedom fighters, or anyone else interested in observing their right to aninimity during protest or while doing anything in public.

If They can't where their gear, then no one can wear anything because it is a slippery slope as is apparent.

Their protest proved to be very effective, and this is because the web is a buzz with todays actions of a mere few.

In time every body gets tired of replacing broken windows, and concessions are made, history teaches us this. It is my guess the black clad protesters know it too, and long term is the objective through education, stimulated by forced awareness.
Emiliano Zapata, 2010-02-14 01:51:54

They are Professional protesters. They around the world protesting anything and everything such as seal hunts,oil drilling, global climate change, etc. They are nothing more than a crummy gang of HOOLIGANS! Hence they are criminals!
Vince in Ottawa, 2010-02-13 23:22:36

Hiding ones face is the effect side of the cause and effect equation. The Politzi creates files on dissenters which inturn creates the need for ananimity. Law enforcement and new legislation will continue to repeal our fought for freedoms, so we civilians need many more civilian masked marauders than are currently out there insuring or fighting for freedoms, or protesting opression and tyranny disguised as something else.... think about it.
Jerry NS, 2010-02-13 22:38:52

Where's Jean Chretien when you need him?
Bob, 2010-02-13 22:19:05

I wish these protest were happening in Quebec. The police there know how to handle these cockroaches.

Mark, 2010-02-13 21:53:26

They didn't lose it from me - but they never had it. If you are protesting, I'm assuming you are trying to make a point, and effect some change. Now, I haven't done extensive research on the subject but in all I've read so far tonight I can't find a single note of why the protests are happening. OK, I get that they are protesting the Olympics, but I don't have any idea what their stand is. If they really care about a cause, I'd think the concentration should be placed more on the why than the what. If you want me to care about your cause and believe in you, I at least need to know what that cause is. I still need to make up my own mind about the "credibility" issue but at this point it's not even a part of the equation. You need to say something before you can be credible or not.
Rosalyn, 2010-02-13 21:46:07

We don't choose our parents and being born into a life of poverty I would have found it easy to blame them, the Government and anyone else convenient. Here is a nice black and white answer for the constant complainers that leech from the system. Work 2 jobs so that you can put yourself through school and hopefully get a decent job. That way you earn the right to b*tch about taxes, wasteful spending and whatever else irks you. Personally I am proud of Vancouver and the wonderful job they are doing hosting the games. Dear protesters use your energy to further your life and help others instead of looking like malcontent thugs. GO CANADA!
Alva, 2010-02-13 21:30:13


Your comments..

"Anyone who is against these protesters but are for slaughtering aghans that are defending against our presence is a hypocrite."

...are right out to lunch. You are comparing apples to oranges, I am assuming that you have been to Afghanistan, and can back up your verbal vomit with facts..times, dates etc...no, thought so. Quit ranting on things you know nothing of. The question here is simple..Have the protesters lost their credibility? I would say that in my opinion, yes they have, every Canadian has the constitutional right to protest, to free speech, and thought, (Tim, who would you think gaurentees those rights for the protesters?) However when they start damamging private / public property, they have gone from a group of protesters to a bunch of common thugs & criminals.
Terry, 2010-02-13 21:25:23

6000 police officers

4300 RCMP

4000 Troops on Standby

All at a cost that which will probably amount to more than 1 billion dollars.

I reality lets say there are 3000 protesters willing to make the effort to walk the walk, and out of them 2800 of them are for non violent protest and would never cause violence or damage regardless of a police presence or not. This leaves the extremist element of about 200 hundred, who are willing to go much further and take more risks to bring awareness to their causes. In reality the two hundred are "man powered" @ 5 million per head. The 200 anarchists, if that is indeed what they are should be proud of what it has cost the city, by purposely and purposefully creating a scenario which made them over prepare. The threat of a some spattered paint and a few broken windows in Vanoc's and the OIC's good judgement forced them to spend 1 billion and the windows are still being broken anyways.

And before anyone says the police presence is to prevent terrorism, look around you, because it apparently does not exist other than in hyperbolic unfounded fear mongering.
Adding it up, 2010-02-13 21:23:58

Lost what credibility? They never had any credibility to lose in the first place.

The people who may have lost a bit of credibility are the Vancouver Police. They should have treated these losers like the Danish police did in Copenhagen. A few quick baton strikes around their heads (no danger of damaging anything important in there) and then let them sit on the cold street for a few hours with their hands tied behind their backs. Might teach them a thing or two about sacrificing for your beliefs. Might also teach them a bit of respect for the sacrifices of the veterans whose ceremony they disrupted yesterday. Any one of those vets is worth all these useless losers put together!
Fred, 2010-02-13 21:04:12

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