Your reaction to Canadian hockey roster?
Wed, December 30, 2009
Team Canada GM Steve Yzerman named his roster for the men's hockey team at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Do you like the team? Who was left off that should have been named? Have your say in our forum.


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Bergeron, Doughty, Staal and Morrow all suck this year. Where's Cammalleri, St Louis, Green, and Penner?
Melrich, 2009-12-30 13:56:20

LOL! Matt Stajan hey.

puhahaha, another sorry leafs fan.

I like the picks for the most part. Went for chemistry obviously. Something that wasn't there in 2006.
Calgary Guy, 2009-12-30 13:54:09

Stevie Y came up big with the young blood and mix of talent. I doubt any GM could have picked better. I didn't like slow pronger and nash at the last O, but they have everyone spellbound. aside from them, i couldn't be happier with the picks.
jono, 2009-12-30 13:50:51

Leaving Mike Green off the roster might prove to be a mistake.
Teddy, 2009-12-30 13:49:53

How can they leave out Dion Phaneuf?
Brad Zimmer, 2009-12-30 13:13:21

They should have included Matt Stajan...
LeafHomer, 2009-12-30 12:37:06

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