Will Canada 'own the podium' in 2010?
Thu, February 12, 2009

The one-year countdown to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics is officially on. And it's Canada's chance to shine on the world stage.

It would be great for Canada to have the Olympics be a legacy of amazing performances and one of the world's greatest parties.

But will we see the results of the Canadian Olympic Committee's Own The Podium program in the medal standings next year? Are we properly funding our athletes to achieve the desired success? Have your say in our forum.


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deap, I hate to be the one to shatter your illusions but the olympics are not,and never have been, 'Amature'

In the classic days the olympic athletes trained year-round (as in the modern era) and as such could not support themselves. They were either independantly wealthy or had sponsors or, as in the modern era, were state-supported.

Europe and eastern bloc countries are lavish in their support of their athletes and we should be too. It is a crumb from the table of our collective wealth and pays back huge in national pride and prestige.

I wouldn't mind at all if the federal goverment were to up our taxes $1000 per year, so long as it is tranparently seen to be going directly to our national athletes.
GRAHAM GRASDAL, 2009-08-22 20:35:27

Canada will own the podium in 2010. It is a real shame that most Canadians aren't interested in anything other than professional American leagues, in which Canadians barely play a part (with the exception of the NHL).

In response to deap- with the exception of the NHLers, amateur athletes in Canada have historically lived on the poverty line. Ambitious programs like Own the Podium are starting to change that.

What's more, I personally think that gutsy initiatives like this will encourage more grassroot participation in amateur sport and encourage a more healthy Canadian populace.

Also in response to deap- while the Montreal Olympics were a fiasco from a financial perspective, one only need look at the legacy of the 1988 Calgary Olympics to find a more positive example. These olympics generated a SURPLUS, and are the sole reason why Canada is a powerhouse in the sport of speed skating today.

I follow our amateur athletes, summer and winter, in the four years between olympic games...and they are making incredible strides. Canada finished third in medals in Turin, and I expect Canada to finish first in Vancouver (although I believe it will be unbelievably close between Canada, the United States and Germany). We probably will not win the most gold medals, but I expect that they will improve on our 7 amazing golds from Turin.

James, 2009-08-07 17:22:56

I'll throw my two cents in here. I'm not a huge fan of anything Olympic. It's all pomp and ceremony anymore. All sizzle and no steak. These athletes with big-buck endorsement deals can hardly be called 'amateur,' can they? I agree with Peter. I don't like seeing tax dollars go to Olympic venues which will be sold to private interests at pennies on the dollar thereafter. Gord, I'm as patriotic as anybody else, but the Olympics lose money (every single time)and I've never been in favour of Canada hosting them. Remember the story out of Montreal a couple years ago? They finally got their Olympic debts retired. Thirty years afterwards.

After hockey and speed-skating, there's precious little in the winter olympics to keep my attention. Especially when they show hours of bobsled, luge and skulls. Ugh!! The only "sport" that a dead person could be an active participant in. I'm afraid Bill may be correct about poor attendance. I daresay the organizers did not predict the global economic meltdown which will surely also curtail many a vacation to the olympics.

No, I don't think Canada will own the podium, but I think we'll end the gold-drought we've seen in the past. Go team Canada.
deap, 2009-02-13 11:42:33

I think the Russians have too much fire power for Canada and every other country. A hot goalie might save the bacon though.
canamerican, 2009-02-13 11:18:26

peter apparently you have not been paying attention goverments do not spend money WISELY.so sit back and enjoy the OYLMPICS because you'll at least be able to see where your money is being spent.
doogie, 2009-02-13 10:33:15

Right you are Gord-o...Rah, rah, rah...they can't lose, they will win every medal available..rah, rah, rah...there, that outta change the inevitable outcomes Gord-o
dave, 2009-02-13 06:33:51

If you can't say anything positive, then keep your asinine opinions to yourselves, have some pride in canada and the athletes
gord, 2009-02-12 22:21:34

In spite of serious economic uncertainty and gut-wrenching job losses everywhere, as of today we now have one year to be constantly bombarded with hype,hoopla and speculation about the 2010 Winter Olympics. I am sorry to be so unpatriotic at this time, but frankly I don't give a rats-ass if Joe Blow beats Joe Schmoe by 1/100ths of a second in road apple arranging. I really have trouble reconciling the billions spent on this glitzfest when the money could be more wisely spent elsewhere by our levels of government. Who is paying for the shortfall when this is all over? One guess please.
peter, 2009-02-12 16:36:54

I really believe Canada will end the home gold medal drought in a big way at the Vancouver Games. I see a dozen gold medals in my crystal ball.
Proud Canuck, 2009-02-12 15:28:32

hahahah..they built it...but they'll never be on it..own the podium...hahahahah
dave, 2009-02-12 15:19:15

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