Coach boos captain


, Last Updated: 1:11 AM ET

TORONTO - The strange but unmistakable sound of booing came from inside the Maple Leafs private quarters on Monday, with a smiling Dion Phaneuf emerging a few minutes later.

Coach Ron Wilson later said hed given his captain a bit of the Bronx cheer as well during practice, all in fun, to help break the ice when Phaneuf goes back to Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver this week.

Hes going to to hear it in all three places I suspect, Wilson said with a grin. I think he will be cheered by more people.

But its like Toronto. If 500 people boo, you guys will write that 18,000 booed. Its the Silent Majority. Most people dont want to boo. Its always a small amount of people who do it, but a little bit of booing sounds like everyone is booing.

He gave a lot of great years in Calgary and I think the crowd there will appreciate that.

For his part, Phaneuf continues to believe that his contributions to the Flames far out-weigh any venom that might come his way for his and the teams shortcomings the past few seasons.

I had some good years there and made a lot of friends, Phaneuf said. The trade was a long time ago. Im extremely happy where I am.