'Wildest' playoff game for Kunitz


, Last Updated: 11:48 PM ET

A veteran of 63 NHL playoff games, Chris Kunitz has played in some thrillers.

But when asked where the 7-4 thumping his Penguins put on the Senators ranked on the wild metre, the winger started with a Wow.

I think with the eight goals in the second period, this is by far the wildest game Ive been a part of in the playoffs, said Kunitz, who had a goal and two assists. I think they did a stat that 75% of the games have been one-goal games. Its not like the playoffs, but I guess the momentum swings and things like that were in our favour.

Weve got to make sure we get back to our game. Well take a 2-1 win at home now.

Kunitz, who won a Stanley Cup in Anaheim and another in Pittsburgh, said the difference in Game 4 vs. Ottawa was all about timing.

We got the lead, said Kunitz. We let off our game, and they got some momentum. We had some bad penalties. Weve got to keep our sticks down, things like that.

I think it was just timely goals. Wed come down, and for whatever reason a puck would go in, and wed get that cushion again.

Theyd come back and score, and wed get a cushion again.

It was just us sticking to our game plan. We knew weve got to get better in some areas, but it was just us slowly progressing to get to our game.

The Penguins made sure they didnt write off the Senators in post-game comments.

We all know from experience, the next one is the toughest, said Kunitz. Its a four-game series (for wins), no matter what. They came in and completely dominated us our first game. We didnt get to our game. They did things and changed the flow for us. We know we have to go back out and do the same things, put pucks in deep, have a good transition game and put pucks on net.

But really, you know the Senators cant come back now, right Chris?

I wouldnt say never. They have the skill. Ive seen their goalie get hot throughout the year. Thats all it takes right now, a couple of guys scoring ... and a good goaltender can steal a game at any time. We dont want to have to come back and play in this building.