Price mask 'a little creepy'

Habs goalie Carey Price practiced with his new mask on Saturday in preparation for the Heritage...

Habs goalie Carey Price practiced with his new mask on Saturday in preparation for the Heritage Classic in Calgary. (QMI Agency/Jim Wells)


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CALGARY - Creepy to some. Confusing to others.

The reviews of Carey Prices new mask for the Heritage Classic was a popular topic in the Montreal Canadiens dressing room at McMahon Stadium Saturday afternoon.

The Habs netminder revealed the retro look during their first practice on the outdoor ice in preparation for Sundays game against the Calgary Flames.

Toronto artist David Arrigo and one of Prices buddies came up with the concept of painting Prices face under an old Jacques Plante-type facemask on his new helmet.

I dont know. I like a lot of his creations, said hesitant Habs teammate Michael Cammalleri. Im missing the concept. Im gonna have to ask him again. Im not getting it yet.

Rookie defenceman P.K. Subban got a charge out of it when he saw it in the visitors room at the transformed football stadium.

Pretty cool to see it when we were getting ready, said Subban, who was joined by captain Brian Gionta in the like category.

Its what its all about, bringing back the memories of old goaltenders who played the game.

Thats what this event is about.

Its a throwback, alright.

But Cammalleri wasnt the only one suggesting it get thrown out after the big event.

No comment, defenceman Alexandre Picard said with a grin before commenting extensively and poking fun at the cerebral concept. Im not a big fan. I like his other one better.

You have to glance at it a while before you figure out what it is. Its a mask of him wearing a mask. Its freaky. Its a triple mask. Its weird.

I think its going to be a one-time thing. I think hes auctioning it off for charity after that.

That is the plan, but Price doesnt care what his teammates think of the new lid. Montreals starting netminder likes the way it turned out.

It seems like a mixed feeling. Im pretty happy with it. I think the artist did a pretty good job, Price said before being told a couple of his teammates didnt understand what it was.

Theyre kind of in the dark all the time, about everything, Price laughed. They dont know whats going on.

The face is a little stretched in front because of the grill, but the ears are perfectly represented on each side of the mask.

The artist took pictures of the side of my head, so those are actually my ears and stuff, Price said.

It kind of looks a little creepy.

Regardless of what happens Sunday in the Classic, you can bank on Price hanging the helmet up for good.

Even if they come away with a big victory, his other mask wont be on the shelf for long.

Itll probably just be for tomorrow, Price said. Im not very superstitious. Ill probably pop right back into my old one.

As long as his ears still fit.