May 16, 2013
Oilers arena deal on again

An artist's rendition showing the proposed downtown arena and entertainment complex from street level. Supplied

EDMONTON - It was a day which should have been celebrated and trumpeted as the beginning of a new era and the launching of a new age in Edmonton. But it seemed mostly like the end of an excruciating, tormenting, torturing ordeal.

And on three previous occasions done deals had been trumpeted and celebrated before.

It took so long to get the now $480-million deal done the people involved couldn’t even agree on how long it had gone on before Daryl Katz and the City of Edmonton both agreed to throw in a final $15 million each to get the full financing in place Wednesday.

“It’s been a soap opera for six or seven years,” said Karen Leibovici as she explained why she would vote ‘yes’ one last time along with nine other members of council with only three against.