May 6, 2013
Time to get Oilers arena deal done

Bob Walker of Ledcor Construction speaks at a news conference held by the Downtown Vibrancy Task Force on Monday. (IAN KUCERAK/QMI Agency)

EDMONTON - What we’re dealing with here is a leap of faith.

The problem is that some members of Edmonton city council are hung up on the leap and not the faith.

Clearly, after three different votes to approve the downtown arena, the project now appears to be at risk.

It’s time for the silent majority to remind our local politicians what they are dealing with here.

To not take the leap of faith involved is not an option.

Not at this stage.

Not after five years of dithering and dathering and dragging their feet and this project through the mud the Edmonton way.

Admittedly a significant part of that has been due to having to deal with Daryl Katz. But ...

Administration recommends councilors Wednesday move ahead with the deal despite a missing $55 million.

“While the specific provincial program that could be applied to remaining provincial funding requirement has not been identified, the funds would not be required until 2015 or 20