February 17, 2013
Oilers mental health day

Nail Yakupov takes a shot Saturday night (Codie McLachlan, Edmonton Sun).

They weren’t growing moustaches or shaving their heads but the Edmonton Oilers offered great support for another community cause Saturday night.

Mental health.

Seldom will you see a game in the first third of a season that did so much for the mental health of an entire city.

The high expectations in Edmonton for leaving the cellar of the NHL for a much higher standard of living almost crashed and burned for another season Saturday night. And then, turning a 4-1 loss into a 6-4 win with a team record 56 shots on goal, the Oilers sent their fans into the night having brought back the belief.

“That’s what I’m feeling. That’s what I’m thinking,” said head coach Ralph Krueger.

“We all know what we have here with this jewel that’s been carved out of the mountain the last few years. Everybody wants this raw gem we have here to be perfectly polished and mounted overnight.