February 15, 2013
Edmonton stop part of Don Cherry's plan to celebrate HNIC anniversary

Don Cherry and Ron MacLean dropped the puck before the first instalment of the Battle of Alberta in Calgary this season. (Stuart Dryden/QMI Agency)

EDMONTON - It was the first stop on the Ron & Don Road Show to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Hockey Night In Canada.

The Edmonton Oilers were in Calgary to play the Flames on the eighth day of the lockout-shortened season and just prior to the game they brought out Ron MacLean and Don Cherry to perform the ceremonial opening faceoff.

There was an overwhelming response as the fans used the opportunity to express what they felt about the place HNIC has had in their lives and to welcome Grapes and that other fella who have been the face of Saturday night telecasts for so much of that run.

“We won’t be doing that again,” said Cherry.

“I kinda felt funny out there, with the players looking at me dropping the puck. After all these years, I’m still an old player and I couldn’t help but think how I’d feel about some guy out there in a plaid suit dropping the puck.

“Yeah, people told me the response from the crowd was something. But you don’t really know that out o