February 9, 2013
Despite massive injuries, Oilers still find ways to get points

Oilers assistant coach Steve Smith and defenceman Ladislav Smid share a laugh Friday during practice before flying to Detroit for Saturday's game. (Alexander A. Patton/QMI Agency)

EDMONTON - The bloodied and battered part isn’t anything we haven’t seen before — the Oilers always wear a path in the carpet to the trainer’s room.

But this unbowed stuff? That’s new.

Though they’ve been hit by a ridiculous run of injuries that began claiming victims before the season even started, none of the damage has proven fatal.

They’re somehow stayin’ alive, still in the mix for eighth.

“We’ve done a good job of sticking in there with guys out,” said netminder Devan Dubnyk, who’s had 10 of his teammates sidelined with injuries either in the off-season or in the first two weeks of this season.

“We’ve been able to get points and keep ourselves in a playoff position so when we do get our guys back, we can go straight up.”

A point here, an OTL there, they keep scratching and clawing at the side of the pool, keeping their noses just above water.