February 5, 2013
Canucks ride late tying goal to overtime win against Oilers
By Robert Tychkowski, Edmonton Sun

Ales Hemsky (left) opened the scoring for the Oilers but the Canucks managed to win the game in overtime Monday in Edmonton. (Amber Bracken/QMI Agency)

EDMONTON - Maybe the Edmonton Oilers thought that if it worked for the Baltimore Ravens, it would work for them.

Build up a nice lead in the first half of the game, make it look like you’ve got things under control, then spend the second half of the game on your knees, praying that the final buzzer sounds before the other guys complete their comeback.

But the supreme being must have still been celebrating with Ray Lewis because it didn’t work as the Oilers watched a 2-0 lead deteriorate into a 3-2 overtime defeat.

The Oilers jumped out to a 2-0 lead and then hung on for dear life as Vancouver swarmed them over the final 30 minutes. Edmonton was outshot 15-4 in the second period and didn’t get its first shot of the third until 9:30.

Down to five defencemen and three centres after injuries to Marc Fistric and Shawn Horcoff, they held out as long as they could, but Kevin Bieksa finally tied it with 2:17 left in regulation.