January 30, 2013
Oilers' Justin Schultz has good chance at winning NHL, AHL rookie awards

Nearly a month after leaving the AHL, Justin Schultz still ranks second behind Jordan Eberle in the league's scoring stats. (Perry Nelson, Edmonton Sun)

EDMONTON - The American Hockey League has determined that Justin Schultz is eligible to be their rookie of the year.

Jason Chaimovitch from the AHL office has done the research and informed your correspondent Tuesday Schultz looks to be legal.

“It’s an unusual circumstance but I took a look at our by-laws and I do not think there are any games-played restrictions or anything else involved on eligibility for AHL Awards,” Chaimovitch reported.

Which, while only 11 days into a 99-day season, certainly sets it up, doesn’t it?

Edmonton Oilers’ Justin Schultz could became the first player in the history of hockey to win the rookie of the year honours in two leagues in the same season!

“That would be pretty awesome,” said Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, his roommate here and there.

“That would be amazing for him. He’s the kind of guy who wouldn’t have even thought about that,” added The Nuge.