January 23, 2013
A year and a half later, city council approves Katz Group arena deal very similar to one approved in October 2011
By Terry Jones, Edmonton Sun

Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel kidded Jordan Eberle, Shawn Horcoff, Taylor Hall and their Oiler teammates who attended Wednesday's meeting that they were being punished for Tuesday's first-period performance. (Perry Mah, Edmonton Sun)

It was about an hour and a half in when Mayor Stephen Mandel called a time out.

Five Edmonton Oilers — Jordan Eberle, Taylor Hall, Nick Schultz, Shawn Horcoff and Ryan Smyth — were there, sitting in the front row of council chambers for Arena III.

With the usual dog-and-pony show council insists on conducting, especially when the chamber seats are full and the cameras running, the mayor interrupted proceedings to speak to the players who by this point may have looked like they’d really rather have been going through a bag skate at practice.

“This is our world. Your world is a little quicker than our world,” said the mayor. “This is your punishment. Don’t ever allow six goals in first period again. Otherwise you have to come and sit here again.”