January 23, 2013
Fan excitement cools after Oilers tumble badly in the first

A giant Edmonton Oilers jersey is stretched across the ice before the team's home opener Tuesday against the San Jose Sharks. (David Bloom, Edmonton Sun)

EDMONTON - Everywhere else in the NHL, they were having ‘HockeyIsBack’ say-you’re-sorry fan appreciation nights.

Not in Edmonton.

No. None of that stuff here.

They were saving the say-you’re sorry part for after the game, not before the game.

They were sorry they so spectacularly soiled the sheets and spoiled the celebration of the dawning of a new era.

They were sorry they went down big to the San Jose Sharks after a first period in which they gave up more goals (six) than they had shots (four)!

They were sorry everybody showed up prepared to create an atmosphere the old rink hadn’t seen since Game 6 of the 2006 Stanley Cup final — except the Oilers, who didn’t show up at all.