Eager out with concussion


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EDMONTON - Here’s one from the “Didn’t See That One Coming” file:

Edmonton’s new tough guy is out with a concussion and some whiplash sustained in a no-hit scrimmage game.

Ben Eager is shaking off the cobwebs after being run into the end boards by Russian walk-on Kirill Tulupov at Sunday’s Joey Moss Cup.

“He does have a concussion but it’s not really severe,” said head coach Tom Renney. “Talking to our medical people and him, he’s doing really well. I don’t have a time line with all of that, but as of today he’s doing really well.”

Eager was expecting to tip-toe through Tulupov when they raced to the corner for a loose puck, but the Russian lowered the boom instead.

“It’s unfortunate,” said Renney. “I didn’t think either guy was letting up. If one guy was really compromised it’s a different story but I didn’t see either guy letting up. We did talk about it before the game, about leaving each other in vulnerable positions, that it wasn’t going to be a game like that, but it was one of those things where they were both trying to make a hockey play.”

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Colten Teubert, meanwhile, is still waiting before he’s cleared to play. He’s been out with a concussion since a fight at rookie camp in Penticton.

“I felt good, rode the bike and I might skate by myself on Thursday,” said Teubert, who was a dark horse to be Edmonton’s seventh defenceman. “As far as I know it could be a couple of days, it just depends on how I react.

“It’s definitely frustrating to be in the stands, but I’m going to stay positive and when I am ready to go im going to bring it.”

He understands the caution being taken.

“When you see a player like Sidney Crosby be out for that long, it definitely puts a bit of fear in you. You think the guy is like Superman, the best player in the NHL, for him to be out that long, it can happen to anybody.”





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