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Oilers will move Souray


, Last Updated: 8:24 PM ET

Sheldon Souray will get his wish.

Steve Tambellini, who never speaks openly about player moves that might be made in the future, made an exception in the case of the disgruntled defenceman.

He said if thereís any way he can move him out of Edmonton, at or before the draft, he will.

ďIíll try to,Ē said the Oilers GM, whose job became a little tougher after Souray declared war on management, alerting every other GM in the league that Edmonton is dealing from weakness in this one.

ďI know he didnít help the situation. Itís no secret that Sheldon wants out of Edmonton. Thatís fine.Ē

Tambellini doesnít want to stir up the coals, other than to say Souray is way off base with all of his recent accusations.

ďThe comment that I didnít call him in the hospital ó I think I had three quarters of the team in the hospital this year,Ē he said of 531 games lost to injury and illness, including a half dozen surgeries. ďWe have medical staff and doctors under our direction who are in daily touch with people. We get a status update every day.

ďI canít believe that people would think thatís a reason to leave this city. Anyway, Iím not worried about that anymore. We know what were going forward with and the type of people that weíre going forward with. Itís a total different mindset here that we have to get back to.Ē