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Penner catches a break

Robert Tychkowski, QMI Agency

, Last Updated: 12:43 AM ET

DALLAS With 11 stitches under the eye and four scratches on the cornea, Dustin Penner knows he caught a break.

A pretty big one on a team that hasnt had many this season.

Its a little scary when it first happens, said Penner, thankful that the puck that hit him in the eye Monday in Detroit didnt do any serious damage. Thats why I went down, because I couldnt see. But slowly my vision came back.

While Penner was laying on the ice he immediately thought of his friend Jordan Smith, a former Anaheim Ducks prospect, who lost the sight in his eye after being clipped with a puck in Portland.

I was worried until the doctor came in and put some dye in the eye. He looked at it and said it was scratched, like an old set of glasses, a few abrasions on it, but lucky for me that part of the eye heals up quickly. He said 48 hours.

Penner is not a visor guy, but will have to wear one for a week.

I dont like it. I guess its something you could get used to, but having that choice I dont want to get used to it. Sorry, mom.

While visors offer protection, its no secret they also cause injuries as well, funnelling upward-moving sticks into the face.

There are times where the puck or the stick might have gone just in front of your face but the visor corrals it in.