February 16, 2013
Flames goaltending carousel spinning round and round

Calgary Flames goaltender Leland Irving. (QMI Agency Files)

Rebuilding in the NHL isn’t done with gasoline and matches.

Teams don’t intentionally burn everything to the ground and start from scratch.

OK, that’s how it looks in Columbus, so let’s rephrase it: Teams in hot-bed hockey markets don’t intentionally burn everything to the ground and hit a reboot.

The Edmonton Oilers plummet to the basement was kicked off by a wave of injuries. The wise move was not going for short-term replacements, opting to give young players on the roster and in the system a chance to show what they have.

Doesn’t that scenario look similar to what the Calgary Flames are facing right now?

As much as what the Flames are doing with their curious goaltending carousel over the past week seems bizarre, it’s part of the process for a club looking forward.