February 13, 2013
Former teammate questions Flames' captain Iginla's fire

Flames captain Jarome Iginla is having a typically slow start to his season. But one former teammate is questioning his compete-level. Photo by Al Charest/Calgary Sun.

It’s one thing for a media sloth, Bobby Beer Leaguer or Johnny Sixpack to suggest Jarome Iginla has lost a step, interest or his edge.

It’s quite another to hear it from a longtime teammate who went to the Stanley Cup final with Iginla and saw the most prolific Calgary Flames player in franchise history at his very best.

Asked for his honest assessment of the Flames captain 10 games into yet another horrid start for him, the retired defenceman-turned-radio host Rhett Warrener did his best to be “intellectually honest,” as GM Jay Feaster encourages people to be.

And the truth, as he sees it, won’t be easy for his pal to hear.