February 8, 2013
What next for the Flames?

The Flames lost centre Mikael Backlund (left) to injury. (Matt Sullivan/Reuters/Files)

CALGARY - Let’s see, win in Detroit despite losing Miikka Kiprusoff due to injury in the second period. Check.

Beat the Columbus Blue Jackets with a rookie goalie in Leland Irving making his first start of the NHL season and without forward Michael Cammalleri. Check.

Now, comes the biggest test of the Calgary Flames road trip: Facing the Canucks in Vancouver on Saturday night. Oh yeah, they have lost centre Mikael Backlund, too.

Every season has critical moments when a hockey team’s reaction to adversity is front and centre.

For the Flames, this is it.

On the surface, losing Cammalleri and Backlund may not seem a big deal. Certainly it’s not in the same category as Kiprusoff being sidelined. The good news about Kiprusoff is his knee issue is expected to keep him out of action for around a week, meaning he could be between the pipes after only a couple of more games.