January 31, 2013
Flames' Wideman showing his net worth

Dennis Wideman has a knack for getting his shots through to the goalie. Photo by Al Charest/Calgary Sun.

CALGARY - Hit the net.

It sounds so simple when it comes from your minor-hockey coach.

Add nine grown men in almost-bullet-proof shinpads to the equation, and suddenly getting a puck from the point to the promised land is no small feat.

In four games so far, Calgary Flames defenceman Dennis Wideman is making it look easy.

"Just don't hit 'em, that's all I'm trying to do," Wideman shrugged after Wednesday's practice at the Saddledome.

"I think it's just not forcing it. If you don't have a lane or you can't see a place to get it trough, then just shooting it off the end-wall and trying to bank it out front or passing it off, I think, is your best bet. Whenever you try to force it through something, then that's when you get shots blocked."