January 29, 2013
Flames ducking the donnybrooks
By Scott Fisher, Calgary Sun

Tim Jackman is a noted pugilist, but he hasn't dropped mitts yet this season. Jim Wells/Calgary Sun.

Wanna go?

It’s an invitation being extended with increased frequency across the league.

Except at the Dome.

Fights are up drastically through the first 10 days of the NHL schedule.

But the Calgary Flames have not been involved in a single dustup.

Flames defenceman Cory Sarich, who has dropped the mitts 41 times during his 14-year NHL career, said there are different ways to measure team toughness.

“We want to be a scrappy team in a sense of digging in the corners and causing nightmares for other teams,” Sarich said.

“We have guys on the team who will definitely do it, but I don’t think we have guys who go and look for it.”

Winger Tim Jackman, the club’s unofficial policeman, agreed with his teammate.

“We’re trying to play to our strengths and we don’t believe our strength is being a bunch of bullies,” Jackman said.

“We play hard and as a team.

“The fights will come when the situation calls for it.”