January 24, 2013
Roenick says Flames' Iginla needs help

Jeremy Roenick, left, knows how to make a name for himself.

Jeremy Roenick doesn’t think the Calgary Flames have done enough to help Jarome Iginla.

He also believes NHL teams could’ve done more than apologize to fans, and he insists he’s still a first-rounder.

Four years after ending a career that saw him score 513 times, good ol’ J.R. still has almost as many opinions as he had goals.

Now an outspoken analyst on NBC, Roenick has become the closest thing to Don Cherry the U.S. has ever seen.

And that’s why, during a visit to Calgary Wednesday to announce he’ll play in Calgary’s 2013 Pro-Am Face Off for Alzheimer’s Hockey Tournament, it’s entertaining to hear what Roenick thinks of, well, just about everything.