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N-ice strides for Mo


, Last Updated: 9:52 AM ET

CALGARY - Calgary Flames forward Brendan Morrison is back on the blades, but said a return from his knee injury is not as close as heíd like.

ďItís making an improvement, which is good,Ē Morrison said Monday. ďItís nice to be on the ice, but weíve still got a ways to go. Thereís still some swelling thatís lingering, but it does feel pretty good on the ice.

ďIíve skated a couple of times, so I guess thatís a good sign, but thereís still no timetable.Ē

Morrison injured his left knee in the March 2 game in Chicago.

He battled through an injury a few seasons ago, which didnít improve until after surgery.

ďThe one I had before is a little bit worse,Ē Morrison said.

ďIíve been through a serious knee injury before, so I know what to expect, how you have to deal with it. Itís a lot of time, and thatís something we donít have a lot of right now.Ē