January 22, 2013
Teemu Selanne no Flash in the pan
Finnish star still chugging along 20 years after breakout season

Anaheim Ducks star Teemu Selanne can still be an impact player at the age of 42. (Al Charest/QMI Agency)

CALGARY - Two decades after making his NHL debut, it’s evident Teemu Selanne’s hands, speed, conditioning, wit and even his hair are all fully intact.

Heck, even his memory has yet to be robbed by age.

Asked if he ever dreamed he could be playing at the ripe ol’ age of 42, the Ducks star recalled a conversation on that very topic he had with two teammates during his spectacular rookie season.

“No, I thought, actually, I’m going to play only three or four years and then go back to Europe,” smiled Selanne of his thought process back in 1992-93 when he set a rookie record with 76 goals in Winnipeg.

“Actually, I made a bet with Fredrik Olausson and Thomas Steen. Luckily, they don’t remember that, but I do.”

Asked how much the wager would’ve set him back, the beaming winger feigned amnesia.

“I don’t remember ... but, hopefully, they don’t remember, either,” laughed one of the game’s most likeable characters."