February 16, 2013
NHL Fantasy Fare: Erik Karlsson injury may be a killer

Erik Karlsson's season-ending foot injury could well impact the fantasy stock of every Ottawa Senator. (Reuters)

Erik Karlsson’s injury will likely be felt by every fantasy owner with an Ottawa Senator -- and that includes goalkeeper Craig Anderson -- in his or her lineup.

It’s not unlike the impact Nicklas Lidstrom’s retirement is having on the Red Wings, who are scoring fewer goals this season and allowing more. Lidstrom, like Karlsson, spent nearly half the game on the ice, always seemed to have the puck on his stick and was the guy who got the offence rolling from the back end, either with a quick first pass or by deftly skating it out himself. Without him, coach Mike Babcock said recently, the forwards now have to come back deeper into their own zone and can’t break out on attack as quickly.

“The game is real simple,” he said. “The more time you spend in your zone, the less time you spend in their zone.”

The Wings have maintained a winning record by simplifying their game, though they still have Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk to create scoring chances. The Sens, how