February 14, 2013
NHL expansion should happen before realignment

Erik Karlsson of the Senators is helped off the ice by Chris Phillips (right) after getting slice by Matt Cooke's skate blade Wednesday night in Pittsburgh. Photo by Joe Sargent/NHL via Getty Images

Trust the NHL to try re-inventing the wheel instead of simply refining it.

Before we know it, the league will unveil a new alignment.

That’s good.

Going to a four ‘conference’ format is bad.

Last time we were in math class, 30 isn’t divisible by four. Therefore, it’s why the NHL has gone with six divisions broken into two conferences.

Undoubtedly, the league has to realign. Having the Winnipeg Jets in the Southeast Division for a second season is absurd. (Good thing the people of Winnipeg are hearty folks, because being in the NHL’s Southeast Division and the CFL’s East Division could give them a complex.)

Going to four conferences — two with seven teams and two with eight — doesn’t make it any better.