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What are the chances?

LANCE HORNBY -- Toronto Sun

, Last Updated: 9:32 AM ET

Here's what NHL GMs are expected to cover in their meetings today and tomorrow in Detroit, with Sun odds on those rule changes being forwarded for approval by the board of governors in 2005-06:


Reduced goaltending equipment 3-2

No-touch icing 2-1

Remove centre red line 4-1

Tag-up offsides 4-1

Fat blue lines 5-1

Overtime shootouts 7-1

Restrict goalie movement 8-1

Three points for a regulation win 10-1

Full two-minute power plays 18-1

3-on-3 overtime 20-1

Bigger nets 25-1

Reduced rosters 30-1

Blue ice/orange lines 50-1

Unlimited curves on sticks 75-1

Firm obstruction crackdown 100-1

Enlarge rink size 500-1