Dungy tells Rex to put a sock in it


, Last Updated: 11:33 PM ET

Tony Dungy isnít impressed with Rex Ryanís limited use of the English language.

Seems Rex got stuck on the F-word a lot in the first episode of HBOís Hard Knocks.

First Rexís mother gave him a stern lecture. Now Dungy, one of the NFLís most laid-back coaches ever, says Ryan is giving the league a lousy image.

ďIím disappointed with all the profanity,Ē Dungy said. ďI think Rex can make his points without all that.Ē

Dungy said he wouldnít hire a coach who sounds like he just stepped out of a Sopranos episode.

ďI personally donít want my players to be around that. I donít want to be around that ... and if I were in charge, no, I wouldnít hire someone like that. Now, Iíve been around ĎFí bombs, so itís not like itís new. I just donít think that has to be part of your every-minute, every-day vocabulary to get your point across.Ē