Blue Bombers have bad covered from every angle


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WINNIPEG - Coming back from a couple weeks R & R is always shocking to the system.

Thatís why itís nice to see some things are nicely tucked exactly where they were when you left.

Like the Blue Bombers, for instance.

Comfortably in last place, not only in their division, but the CFL in general, the Bombers have changed little in the last few weeks, fielding yet another gawd-awful offence to go along with a patchwork defence that would have trouble slowing a cop in a school zone.

These guys have bad covered from every angle.

Iím not sure where the Winnipeg attack was ranked when I left, but going into this weekís action it was dead-last in points per game.

For the second straight season the Bombers are taking a pass on the passing game and, in a new twist this year, are producing turnovers like Pillsbury.

They do lead the league in one offensive category: having their quarterbacks sacked.

Guess that new Air Crowton offence everybody was so excited about in training camp isnít quite what it was cracked up to be.

Not to be outdone, the pass defence is caving like a Winnipeg street in spring, giving up a league-worst 333 yards per game. These guys are so far from Swaggerville theyíll need a plane ticket to get back.

And the reluctant GM, finally coaxed out of his hole after the last game, says staying the course is the only way out of this mess.

That sounds like something Mike Kelly said during the disaster that was the 2009 campaign.

As fan Joe Beilman told me via Twitter, Thursday, ď... no O line, no QB, poor DEF, no GM, other than that, we are looking good.Ē


Speaking of the Professor, I see Kelly is back in the classroom, finally landing a job as the offensive co-ordinator at a high school in Florida.

Good for him. Itís not the CFL, but maybe itís the start of something good.

Reports have him teaching phys-ed and driver education classes, in addition to coaching.

No word on whether heíll signal instructions to his students using whiteboards.

Presumably heíll go easy on the kids who live in their parentsí basements.


Got a personal e-mail from the Winnipeg Jets, Thursday, offering a spot on their season-ticket waiting list ó for sale.

Starting this morning, and for a mere $50 (nonrefundable), you can buy the right to pay $100 per year for a ďseatĒ on the waiting list.

Some 2,500 of the 8,000 spots opened up over the last year.

Why did so many fans leave the most popular lineup in Winnipeg?

Three reasons, according to True Northís Scott Brown:

1) Some people originally on the waiting list got access to tickets through friends or work.

2) Nearly 100 people got season tickets when others violated their ticket purchase agreement and had them revoked.

3) Some on the original list exercised their option to get single season tickets.

Others simply didnít renew their spots on the list, for whatever reason.

As for what it says when 8,000 people will pay to be in line, discuss amongst yourselves.


One of the great moments in Blue Bombers history will be commemorated with a stamp, one of nine to be unveiled by Canada Post and the CFL next Monday in conjunction with the 100th Grey Cup.

The Winnipeg stamp will herald the 1962 Fog Bowl, which took place back in the day when the Bombers regularly won championships.

Not to be confused with the fog the team seems lost in these days.

Oh, well. At least itís a familiar fog.