Boreham, Renaud show strengths, weaknesses in 'kick-off'


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WINNIPEG - Nothing like punting for your job in front of a crowd.

Thatís what happened on Wednesday at Canad Inns Stadium when head coach Paul LaPolice and special teams coach Kyle Walters gathered up Jamie Boreham and Mike Renaud, took them to the end zone and had them punt.

Basically, whoever did the best was going to get the job for Fridayís big game in Hamilton against the Tiger-Cats. If one of them impressed the boss during the very public competition, LaPolice wasnít saying.

ďBoth had strong points, and both had weak points as we looked at it,Ē LaPolice said. ďBut I want to go back and take a look at the film, and talk to the other coaches.Ē

Asked what he would see on film that he didnít notice on the field, LaPolice admitted there wasnít much.

ďJust being overly analytical,Ē he said.

Boreham had better hang time, but Renaud had greater distance. Then again, several of Renaudís long boots were line drives, which make the ball easier to return. Borehamís average was 49 yards on 12 attempts (one went out of bounds), while Renaudís was 54 on nine punts.

Overall, neither one instilled much confidence that Winnipegís punt game will be better on Friday night.

If there was one indicator of which way LaPolice was leaning, it was that Boreham worked with the kickoff team on Wednesday. The players on that team usually suit up later in the week, and Boreham could take over for Justin Palardy.

The punters didnít have much to say after practice since neither knew at the time who will be getting on the plane to Hamilton on Thursday morning.

ďItís been interesting, to say the least,Ē Boreham said. ďItís nice to be here, though. Iím happy to be back in Winnipeg. Thatís real nice, and hopefully I get a chance to help the team.

ďMikeís an awesome punter. Heís had a rough patch, and most kickers do. Heís going to get out of it and be 10 times better for it.Ē