Bombers should grab Hall


, Last Updated: 11:10 PM ET

Hereís hoping Paul LaPolice isnít snoozing in the sun while running his toes through the sand of some far-off beach somewhere.

Because thereís a development afoot that may call for swift and immediate action from the no-longer-rookie head mentor of the Blue Bombers.

One of Coach LaPoís lieutenants, defensive boss Kavis Reed, is on the radar of Eskimos GM Eric Tillman as a possible head coaching candidate.

Word is Reed had his first interview for the gig, Wednesday.

He and Tillman go way back, so while Reed might not be the hottest co-ordinator in the CFL, heís a decent bet to become the head Eskimo.

And while Coach LaPo wonít be able to do a thing to keep Reed from grabbing the promotion, he can take steps to ensure the Bomber defence remains in good, if not better, hands.

The man Tillman sacked as Edmontonís head coach would look awfully good peeling himself out of the burlap to don the blue and gold of the Bombers.

Richie Hall not only has the personality to fit in, heís also a helluva defensive game planner. One of the most respected in three-down football.

If Reed did a good job with all those newbies on the Winnipeg dirty dozen this past season, Hall should be able to take them to another level next year.

Now that the Esks are buzzing around Reed, Iíd send a vulture or two straight to Hallís carcass and revive it with an offer he couldnít refuse, should Reed hit the highway.

ALL-STAR ANOMALY: Strike up the band and break out the noisemakers ó four members of the Big Blue took all-CFL honours, Wednesday.

Thatís the most this teamís had in three years, and only Calgary, with eight, placed more names on the season-ending all-star team.

The Bombers could have easily had one more, as guard Brendon LaBatte is right up there with the best of the CFLís inside hogs.

Itís just another anomaly in a season full of them here in the íPeg.

That a 4-14 also-ran can have more all-stars than playoff teams Montreal (12-6), and Saskatchewan (10-8) has to rank right up there with some of the other great mysteries of the world: the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge and Eric Tillmanís hair.

SAY WHAT? Another noggin-scratcher: why is Henry Burris, and not Anthony Calvillo, the all-star quarterback?

With all due respect to the fellow ink-stained wretches of press row who voted, they blew it, fixating on the shiniest object (Burrisís 38 touchdown passes) instead of the whole picture.

Calvilloís touchdown-to-interception ratio (32-7) far outshines Smiliní Hankís (38-20), and Iím not sure thereís a more important stat for ranking passers.

Just one other pivot ó Darian Durant, with 22 picks ó put the ball in the wrong hands more often than Burris.

Even more damning: of the CFLís 10 busiest quarterbacks, Cleo Lemon of the Argos was the only one to have a higher percentage of his passes picked off.

Calvillo also pulled down the better efficiency rating (108.1 to 101.9), which measures all the pertinent numbers. Hard to beat him in the leadership department, too.

Based on the fact the same people do the voting for the outstanding player award, Burris will likely get that, too, which would be another mistake.

Not that Iím a Hank hater. I thought he got ripped off from an MOP award he deserved earlier in his career.

The guy no doubt has games as good as A.C.ís best, and heís got a helluvan arm. Heís simply not as consistently good as the Alouettesí leader, thatís all. Thereís a good Hank and a bad Hank, and weíve seen both this season.

But thereís almost always the same A.C.