Quinney can't cut class for Argos' practice


, Last Updated: 7:33 PM ET

TORONTO - Peter Quinney hasnít been able to get a note from the principal to let him come out and play.

In a chapter from the ĎThis can only happen in the CFL File,í Quinney was unable to participate in the Argonauts practice Thursday for the second consecutive day.

A recent grad from teachers college, he hasnít been able to get out of class.

This is the latest twist in the rookie fullbackís inaugural pro season. Quinney spent most of the summer with the club as a special team player but was cut Sept. 16. Getting on with life, he got a job as a teacher.

Wouldnít he know it, just days later the Argos phoned and asked him if heíd like to return.

He said, sure but, you know, he had this job and ... Well, the Argos resigned him anyway, on Nov. 2 to replace the injured Jeff Johnson and he showed up to play special teams in the Eastern semifinal against Hamilton.

Itís been sort of a show up when you can kind of thing ever since. There have been a few other sometime Argonauts. In the early í90s tackle Noah Cantor was flown in from his Vancouver burger shack the day before games. More recently, Randy Srochenski was a St. Catharines area minister six days a week and a long-snapper on game day.

Quinney is expected to join the team in Montreal for the East Division final. And, if the Argonauts win thereís one other good thing about the CFL: They donít schedule the Grey Cup on a school day.