Toronto Argonauts

IAN BUSBY -- Calgary Sun

, Last Updated: 9:43 AM ET


HEAD COACH: Michael Clemons

GM: Adam Rita




KEY ADDITIONS -- RB Ricky Williams, SB Keith Stokes, DL Marc Pilon, DE Erik Flowers, LB Lee Woodall, QB Eric Crouch, QB Spergon Wynn, DB Dave Donaldson.

KEY DEPARTURES -- DT Noah Cantor, LB Ray Mariuz, QB Michael Bishop.

STRENGTHS -- The bend-but-don't-break defence is still the key point to any Argos success. Defensive co-ordinator Rich Stubler isn't concerned with stats and couldn't care less how many yards a team gains against his group. Points against are the only thing he cares about and the Argos lure opponents into a false sense of security by letting them move the ball then taking it away at the last moment. The defence also scores its fair share of points and gives the team a chance to win every game.

WEAKNESSES -- Even with NFL star Ricky Williams in the backfield, the Argos will likely struggle moving the ball along the ground this season. Their offence is based on a passing attack that doesn't allow the club to kill the clock when a lead is built. The offensive line can rarely control the line of scrimmage on rushing plays because it is more used to dropping back into pass protections for the ageless Damon Allen.

INTANGIBLES -- Newcomer Keith Stokes joins kicker Noel Prefontaine and fellow returner Bashir Levingston to make up one of the most exciting special-teams units in the CFL. There didn't seem to be room for two return specialists with the Argos but the team is committed to making it work. Don't leave your seat on third down because the Argos can break open big plays at any time. The return game should give the offence strong field position each time it starts operating and will score once in a while as well.

PROGNOSIS -- This is the team to watch in the East Division, not only because of the star power generated by Ricky Williams. The Argos will contend for first place.