Goss back with Eskimos


, Last Updated: 6:24 PM ET

His first game sitting out since joining the Edmonton Eskimos four years ago was also the teamís first win this season.

Cornerback Jason Goss resumed his starting role at cornerback against the Toronto Argonauts last Friday after being benched the previous week in a 28-25 victory over the B.C. Lions.

ďItís definitely been tough, especially for the week I didnít play,Ē said Goss, who was replaced by Roderick Williams and watched his first Eskimos game from the sidelines. ďOnce I found out I was playing this past week, I pretty much felt like I was playing with a chip on my shoulder.

ďI needed to go out there and prove myself and make plays and let everybody know that this is where I belong on this team and on the field.Ē

He responded with five tackles, a knockdown and an interception, while another would-be interception was negated by a penalty.

It was the biggest impact Goss has had on a game all season.

ďThis is my first game missing in like four years,Ē Goss said. ďSo this is my first time ever missing a game (here). I donít know how it feels to sit out and watch a game. I was always involved in the games and it was kind of tough.Ē

If it was a message from his coaches, Goss said it was received loud and clear.

ďIt was definitely a message,Ē he said. ďI made little minor mistakes and the thing is, for that week off, it let me look a the little minor mistakes I was making.

ďIt wasnít big, it wasnít anything that cost us games but things that could have been improved. It has been improved, especially since that week being off and itís one thing Iíve been concentrating on lately.Ē

Winning isnít far from his mind, either, after sitting out the teamís one and only victory so far.

ďI want to win, regardless of whether Iím in or out,Ē he said. ďSince I wasnít in and we won, I was happy with that. Iím happy we had a victory that week.

ďIf itís ugly or if itís a blowout, a winís a win and I knew making plays would help this ball club win a game. Unfortunately, (last Friday) we didnít, it came down to two crucial calls towards the end that cost us the game, but I did everything possible to make plays and keep us in the game.Ē

Goss is looking to keep improving following the rest, which he is treating more as a reset.

ďIt opened my eyes, it brought fight in, but the thing is itís not going to be just that week that my eyes are going to be open and that fight is going to be in me.

ďItís going to be from here on out for the rest of the season and Iím going to make plays every week.Ē

Watching the team play from the stands offered Goss another perspective.

ďItís like watching film, but being at the game watching film,Ē he said. ďYou get to see everything from a catís-eye view. Youíre seeing everything. Itís like almost being a student of the game again.Ē